Should the other children know he has autism?

3 differences

After repeatedly leashing out physically at boys that have started teasing him, Nemo got a day of suspension. We talked a lot that day, also about differences.
Note: I know a lot of people take offence with the r-word, and rightly so. It has been pointed out to me that it could put off people of my comics to read it here. Please understand that although we don’t say it at home, my son SAID IT though, so he heard it said about himself or someone else. For that reason, I am keeping it as a quote in this comic.

6 thoughts on “Should the other children know he has autism?

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  2. PK

    Very glad I found you 🙂 My first autism blog was A Diary of a Mom. She really worked hard on the inclusion issue and I think her school cooperated. One thing she spoke of a lot is that most kids actually respond BETTER when they know WHY a child is different, and will even help them out (with the exception of the kids that are just jerks regardless). It inspired me to talk to my son’s school about how to talk to the class if we see the social skills thing becoming an issue.

    So far, it isn’t (phew), but I expect that to change because I do see a difference in behavior and I know the kids will pick it up eventually. The school is supportive, and the RE people have books about talking to kids about it. I don’t know if you’ve found any other resources, but Diary of a Mom has a “community support” page, and I can see about what books my son’s school has if that might be helpful.


    1. suburp Post author

      thanks, i will check out Diary of a Mom’s community page.
      things have calmed down a little at school for my son, but I am trying to plan ahead for next year,
      where he will be with a new teacher and a completely new class…


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