Phone call with the Special Ed’ Lady from school..

9 strongly1

I don’t know how to say this.. You want them on your side.
I am thankfully for the support Nemo has at school, I really am. I am very open to their input, and do not want to be the overwhelming autism warrior mom. That’s not me.
But I disagree with their policy of talking about ‘differences’ instead of saying a child has autism. Nemo is already being bullied for being “weird”. Why not say he has autism ?


3 thoughts on “Phone call with the Special Ed’ Lady from school..

  1. A Quiet Week

    Last year I got into a tussle with our Sped Administrator. My son had recently added Tourette’s to autism and they wanted to bring in an ABA specialist. I feel strongly about ABA for autism (doesn’t help my son), but research shows that ABA absolutely makes Tourette’s tics worse. I must have lost my temper five times with her–exactly as you described above. Glad to see I’m not alone! 🙂


    1. suburp Post author

      My son never had ABA and am only finding out what it is really all seems different everywhere too, AND people have very different opinions about it too! But I think sometimes the “specialists” really need to stop themselves from putting up their programme and listen better to the child and the! Seems obvious.
      Haven’t even lost my temper yet as we are thankfully on holiday yet, but I am taking note and the teacher got a good growl yesterday…
      Thanks for visiting back, been perusing your blog a little – I had actually visited before and read the pool post! 🙂



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