Harrr, me hearties !

12 Pirateday

This happened today before breakfast.
The explanation is that he had read “Tintin in the Congo” the night before.
Where Snowy (the dog) gets into a fight with a parrot… Pirates=>Parrot=>Psittacosis. It seems obvious now. (Still had to google it.)

NB: I am NOT under the impression or have the expectation that my son with Asperger’s is “a little professor” or whatever. His conception, memorizing and use of language is different than mine. I think that’s fascinating and it certainly keeps my own brain fit to keep up with him.

1 thought on “Harrr, me hearties !

  1. ischemgeek

    I make those leaps a lot, too! It’s hard for me to pull out an obvious example because it’s how I think all the time, but I’m sure my parents or partner could regale you with them.

    My father calls it knight’s-move thinking. I call it going from A to H and forgetting that not everyone’s brain automatically does B-C-D-E-F-G.



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