New situations


I am a way more protective parent than I thought I would ever be because of my son’s sensory issues and the problems he has with adapting to new things or changes. Sometimes, he surprises me though, and what I think is just a massive meltdown waiting to happen, turns out to be totally ok for him.
Before he had his official diagnosis, I was very confused by his reactions at times. We once went to a dog shelter and he found himself in the middle of a pack of happy, jumpy puppies. Nothing happened.


4 thoughts on “New situations

    1. suburp Post author

      it’s so hard to find the balance between ‘assuming competence’ and ‘ preventing sensory overload’ – and that’s when you know what kind of situation he’ll actually be in..


  1. Ann G

    I just discovered your site through your comment on a blog. Your comics are a great way to make a point! I don’t have a blog but I read a lot and will share . Love that tiger mom! 🙂



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