mommy war zones


The internet is a great source of information, and as a new mother I was glad to have somewhere to turn to the different aspects of parenthood. But it easily gets a bit much with the different opinions and the online battles raging about one or the other subject.
Once my son was diagnosed, I found out pretty soon, that this is no different in the so called “autism community”. Don’t get me wrong! I think real debate is good.
But too often, people do not respect the basic rules of discussion, argument and reasoning. And it’s really just unproductive war mongering.


7 thoughts on “mommy war zones

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    1. suburp Post author

      Yeah, it really depends what the debate is about.. On some things, I fully admit to have a strong opinion and I won’t budge on it.. But it’s the way parents attack each other that seems to have gotten totally out of hands with the internet…and I actually didn’t expect it to be that fierce inside the “autism community”…


      1. The Person Next to You

        That is one of the reasons why I left Facebook. I found the groups I belonged to were getting more and more defensive instead of supportive.

        There is a way to be strong and not budge, but some people go crazy on others that are just as strong about their opinions. That is where it gets crazy. 😉



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