About the DSM-5…


I am not actually as concerned as many people were and still are about the changes of the DSM-5. I had always understood Asperger’s to be a form, or a variant of autism. I am not even sure which classification is actually predominantly used here in Australia, I have read contradicting information (and in the  WHO’s international ICD-10 Asperger’s Syndrome is still well alive). But I thought it was a curious, short lived development for a diagnosis, first described some 50 years before it was picked up to be included, and barely 30 years later, it’s already history again. If anything, it shows us that we are still learning, all of us.


2 thoughts on “About the DSM-5…

  1. kelley @ magnetboldtoo

    I am annoyed and frustrated. It is hard enough to explain the whole ‘spectrum’ thing to those not touched by autism. But now it will be even harder for lay people to understand and not label those with high functioning autism (formerly Aspergers) as ‘fake’ because they are not like Rainman.


    1. suburp Post author

      I hear you. As I said, I am somehow not as upset but the change was basically announced in the months after the diagnosis for me. I am hoping that the use of ”spectrum” helps people understand the diversity within autism. It is true though that I have seen criticism of the very expression as well… In the end, decisive will be how services accessibility will be affected..and that the whole “high-functioning” idea doesn’t backfire on our kids who need the help just like the others. Those “rainmen” people? Don’t really care what they think. They already thought our kids are just weird and spoilt anyway 😡
      Thanks for commenting x big fan!



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