Low expectations


To grasp or imagine that a bright or even brilliant mind lives inside a body dependant of high-level care, seems to come easier to people when the individual in question has formerly been independent. When autistics find ways to express themselves, if they raise their voices for advocacy, I have seen much incredulity and doubt.
The label ‘low-functioning’ can set up an autistic child for lower expectations, lesser challenges, unfair comparisons and lifelong classification. I now understand it’s no good.
[the 2nd picture refers to the movie “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly” made after the book written by Jean-Dominique Bauby with only the help of his left eye, suffering from “locked-in syndrome” after a stroke]
Here is a link to a more comprehensive article by Amy Sequenzia about functioning labels.


3 thoughts on “Low expectations

    1. autisticook

      Erm. That just sounded like I said Amy was a better writer, didn’t I? Erm. Sorry about that. She is a better writer than nearly all of us. And you make BRILLIANT comics that say so much with just a few pictures. So. There’s your dose of autistic honesty and unintentional rudeness for today. 🙂


      1. suburp Post author

        Lol please don’t worry…I didn’t understand it any bad way. I was pretty exited when I read her article on the day (!!) I had written down the idea for the comic, including the Stephen Hawkins reference 🙂
        The idea of this blog is, as you say, to bring the idea across w only a few words (and pictures) But where I can direct people to those who say things so eloquently like Amy, I will try to do so !



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