Sh*t people say about autism


This could easily become a series… as we all know. There is A LOT of ignorance about autism in the broad population (those who are ‘aware’ of it now). I believe, in the interest of our kids, in the interest of all autistic people really, it’s a bit our job to educate.
That’s not always easy though, when you get hit from the get-go with some harrowing statement like this. [this was really said to me, and today I read a similar statement in a facebook comment. no evil intent. just total ignorance.]
What have people said to you, stupidly and not to insult, that left you almost speechless?


14 thoughts on “Sh*t people say about autism

  1. ischemgeek

    “You can’t be autistic, you’re such a good public speaker!” – really, being good at an activity that lets me monolog at will to a captive audience means I can’t be autistic? HA!

    “You can’t be autistic, you’re such a good teacher!” – consider how I developed the ability to look for fundamental misunderstandings. I started by teaching myself.

    “You can’t be autistic, you have a job!” – ugh.

    “You can’t be autistic, that’s a boy thing.” – double ugh.

    “You must be very high-functioning.” – ermyeah about all those times I forget to eat until I pass out when I stand up…

    I could go on. XD


  2. stimmyabby

    This comic… so true.
    After I recited a poem, a woman insisted that I had a photographic memory. I said I didn’t; it had taken me an hour to memorize. We got in an argument about whether I have a photographic memory or not.

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  4. Aspermama

    This wasn’t said to me directly, but there was a psychologist quoted in an article in USA Today as saying that “forming close friendships and dating runs counter to Asperger’s adults’ goals.” Another psychologist says that she has never known a parent with Asperger’s. The same article mentions that it has a genetic basis. Apparently no one stopped to wonder how it’s passed on.

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    1. suburp Post author

      It’s pretty bad when professionals make this kind of statements…and the media pick up on it too. That translates into those type of stupid, hurtful statements from people who will then say it to your face. 😦


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      1. autisticook

        Yeah I know. I’ve been spared a lot of the crazy stuff people say about autistic people, but that one was stunning. Literally. I couldn’t formulate a reply. Which was… kind of ironic, really. 😛



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