Invitations–part 2


So although HERE I basically complained that we are not exactly overwhelmed by invitations to birthday parties, sleepovers or play dates, my son actually went to a birthday a few weeks ago. On Nemo’s request, I didn’t stay but I did tell the dad about his autism. I told him Nemo could get very upset for no apparent (!) reason and that it’s good to bring him to a quiet zone if that happens. We lived like 3 minutes away from the house. They could call me anytime. The party was scheduled for 2 hours. What could happen, right ? 
(Massive kudos for this very cool dad! I was SO thankful for his attitude.)


2 thoughts on “Invitations–part 2

  1. suburp Post author

    it was really weird, but in a good way. first “oh yeah, he was fiiiine.” and then he rattled down all the stuff that happened. Eek! but in the end my son had a super good time, so..hey, i won’t complain!



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