Sleep problems?


Our problems with sleep are mostly ‘falling asleep’. Nemo needs a lot of time to wind down, screen activity after dinner makes this worse, but thankfully he likes to read now. It still takes ages, but he doesn’t wake up too much in the middle of the night, so he gets enough sleep most nights. And me too.
I am well aware that caffeine is also contained in chocolate, not to mention it is increasingly added to other food or “health” products but I really think it should be normal to avoid giving a neuro-stimulant to a child?! (Not to mention one with a neurodevelopmental disorder.)  I am well aware of my own caffeine addiction. Not gonna be a pusher as well…


2 thoughts on “Sleep problems?

  1. nikki

    I see many people swear by melatonin, but am really not keen. Nemo would be an ideal candidate, as it seems to mostly effect on the ability to fall asleep. But its not recommended for longtime use, there is no longterm data for children’s use.. It’s a hormone type of drug.. I don’t know. I judge no one but I feel there is so many other things one should try first. Our bedtimes are long but undramatic. I think we could be more disciplined.. But there are a few things that just seem common sense, right? Hence the comic =D


  2. A Quiet Week

    Boy! Do I relate to this! We have a to the minute routine with our son and sleep disturbances are a big issue. I moved into a mattress on the floor in his room over the summer because we were getting no sleep as a family. T doesn’t need a bite of chocolate to get too jazzed for sleep. Physical exhaustion is our best friend. 🙂

    Our problem is night waking, usually due to tics that wake or prevent a swift return to sleep. Being in the same room helps him settle back down. None of his tic are physically harmful, just restless. Tourette’s doesn’t respond well to meds, unless you want to zombify someone with antipsychotics. I’ll just sleep on the floor, thank you! 🙂



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