Know your brands


This is not an autism comic, although it was the one time my son got some “Respect!” of a ‘cool’ boy in his class. For his undies.. well. “Bonds” is an Australian underwear brand that is quite popular here. The commercials are clever, colourful and fun, and it’s seen as an Aussie icon. Pricewise it’s midrange, but for my 7yo, I shop for colours and comfort anyway, certainly not for brands. I thought it was pretty funny, my son had been told he’s got the ‘right’ undies on, when actually.. there were just some cheap brand from Kmart.

[nb: they “buddy up” to go to the toilet during class, plus the top part of those undies is easily visible when shorts are a bit worn on the hip. so let’s not freak out.]


2 thoughts on “Know your brands

  1. suburp Post author

    My son hadn’t even understood what the brand was. he thought it was a cool “type” of undies…!
    “reading level” is how they refer to it in school. i thought that’s almost too typical that the cool kids can’t read properly.. uh ! certainly funny though (back to school tomorrow though. bit stressed.)



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