how he feels about school..


We’re back to school after 2 weeks of holidays, and Nemo had already his first ‘incident’ (that’s how he calls it) with some of the ‘cool kids’ (also his words). In fact it reminds me of what we experienced almost 3 years ago, so shortly after starting prep in ‘big school’ (as opposed to kindy where he only went 2 days a week). We were REALLY looking forward to it. I was so excited! I LOVED school as a kid. I was soo happy to be sharing the adventure of Australian primary school with my son (I went to school in Europe). I was convinced it would be a breeze, he was so bright! I had not really registered that the few clashes he had had in kindy were only an introduction to a multitude of upcoming problems: coping with sensory overflow, socialising, focus, organisation, handwriting…
For most of it, we have found methods and tools. The other kids though, that’s a different problem..


2 thoughts on “how he feels about school..

  1. autisticook

    Oh man. Other kids. The best you can do is to keep reassuring him that when they’re being awful to him, they’re in the wrong, they’re the ones who are narrowminded and stupid. For me, it didn’t help much with the loneliness, but it did give me a solid core of self-esteem. It allowed me to move through life with an attitude of “if you don’t want to be friends with me, that’s YOUR loss, loser.”

    But it doesn’t get easier. *hugs*


    1. suburp Post author

      I know. I have to say I am really sad this is ALREADY happening, as they are so young.. (the week has gotten better since though) Some of the boys have older brothers and I can only assume they are picking up some of the phrases from them.. as the target. classic, passing on the bullying..



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