You know what ‘cool’ means..?


I have absolutely no reason to doubt my son’s version. I know! It was just a silly (and kinda bad) joke, but it’s been those same kids again! And it bugs me particularly, that they had nothing better to do than go at him, right after the holidays. I mean, really?!
The week got better… and I would never lay hand on any child (in real life) but as these little snots are obviously getting Nemo in trouble AND get away with it.. Well, one can dream.
(I can be VERY scary! … I would probably also get sued. So, yeah, but no.)


3 thoughts on “You know what ‘cool’ means..?

  1. ischemgeek

    I’m very glad you believe your son about it. Bullying is hard, but what’s harder is not being believed about bullying and then being punished for it. Having even one person believe you about it is important.


  2. suburp Post author the most I might growl at one or two of these kids. they are really still only little. BUT i think it’s NOW that they will chose their path and I really hope the school gets onto them a little bit more.. well.. but I do try to always make a point to let my son know that I always want to hear from HIM what happened (sometimes have to wait for it, he can’t talk about it when it’s too fresh) and that I trust him now matter what. The absurdity of it is that I have spent the last years explaining to him that certain situations were NOT bullying, but just silly kid behaviour, not meant as teasing, but now he is exposed to actual teasing, and since it does hurt him and I also feel it is completely unfair, I do get pretty upset about it myself (also, angry) but am trying to stay calm and find some sort of strategies that will actually HELP him. And you know, as much as it is difficult to actually do that, but I feel like I really have to organise him some real friends. That’s basically the plan now. So he has someone on his side when it happens.


  3. autisticook

    As long as your son knows you trust him and are willing to do stuff if you could get away with it… like those kids got away with it… which isn’t right at all! then I think it’ll be alright. Yeah, it’s horrible. But knowing you’re not alone, that you’ve got someone on your side… that’s so important I can’t even really find words to express it.



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