Sh*t autism parents do – Let’s talk about …poop?


Ok. I’ll admit: That time I first met another autism mother IRL, as she let off some extreme constipation anecdotes, I was glad to know I was not alone. We might have laughed together about it. I wasn’t laughing at the ER with my son though and we had to medicate (gently!) for a long time to re-educate his bowel. I am still constantly watching his fibre intake (high), physical activity and water consumption. Boy gets VERY cranky with a bad, hard tummy. Who wouldn’t ?  We all know: the picky eating, anxiety and stress, the “holding it in”..Chronic constipation is a common problem in autistic kids.. Don’t wait, manage it with a doctor – it really can become a MASSIVE problem. (wiki link)
BUT. One thing : I have read in blogs of adult autistics that, from the get-go, parents will inquire about their bowel movements – meeting them for the first time !?
Uhm.. Poop is a pretty personal thing. I am really pro-dialogue in the ‘autism community’ but that’s maybe pushing it just a little bit to far?!


4 thoughts on “Sh*t autism parents do – Let’s talk about …poop?

    1. suburp Post author

      Yeah, lol, I don’t know. I think talking about anything remotely related to body functions and fluids should be reserved to close family members, doctors.. Or you know, your kinky acquaintances..


  1. Benison O'Reilly (@BenisonAnne)

    What about the parents in online communities (usually the ‘curebies’) who have more severely affected kids and talk at length about poo smearing or their child not being toilet trained? How would they feel if their toileting habits were discussed on the internet?


    1. suburp Post author

      Oh absolutely. I meant to mention ‘poo painting’ anecdotes but it all falls in the same issue: pls think&stop unnecessarily exposing really private details about your child!
      Every second media story about families with autistic children, teens, even adults will have this as a primary marker for how tough they are going (the parents, that is) “Mark is severely autistic. The 17yo is not toilet-trained…” I mean, I get it, it’s HARD but it’s also elevating incontinence to The Main Factor of a ‘life in misery’ and the ‘burden’ this represents for the family. It’s indignifying and wrong. We don’t generally see this for the elderly who are certainly afflicted by incontinence a lot. How come parents think their own kids don’t deserve the same kind of respect?



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