An aside on the bitstrip hype…


Actually, I have not even been on all that long myself, but long enough to see it’s potential beyond premade, sometimes funny, sometimes just silly status updates that we now see everywhere via the facebook and mobile apps. You can do MUCH more with the actual website! I have no problem with those statuses on facebook and elsewhere, it’s a bit of fun, and quite the hype. Why not. (Hey, I was also a giraffe for 3 days)
The people  now complaining about it.. might have friends who were obnoxious even before using comics to communicate it? Unfortunately though, bitstrips seems to have bitten off a bit more than they can chew. For a week now, the servers of the website are down. I had a few comics prepared but am going to run out soon! I also fear they could go “paid accounts” following to the success.. And I hope I am not losing any of YOU over the hype. I am EXTREMELY HAPPY about the feedback I am getting for my autism comics. I WANT people to share them. I have never hidden the tool I used to make them. I really could never draw as well and as fast as the site does it for me.
So bitstrips.. love them or hate them, but I hope you  will keep following suburp[autism]comix !! =)


5 thoughts on “An aside on the bitstrip hype…

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  2. Aspermama

    So glad that you are continuing and hope the issues get fixed soon. Comics express things in such a succinct way that has a more immediate impact than words and that makes it a powerful tool for expression and advocacy.


    1. suburp Post author

      Thank you for the comment! I have always blogged but I find great satisfaction in concentrating some sort of message in just a few words, with pictures. Or just give anecdotical insights in my life… Its actually quite fun and I am super pleased when other people like it too !!


  3. autisticook

    Ha! Yes, I suddenly saw all sorts of people posting bitstrip things on Facebook and I was like… “but these don’t make sense, suburp’s comics are way more fun AND they make sense!” So I hope you continue doing them.


    1. suburp Post author

      Thank you! Means a lot…thanks for all the comments, I had lots of ‘hits’ but it’s really only from comments that I can know if people feel what I do makes sense 🙂
      I will continue. As soon as they get their site back up…



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