I am still here.. sort of.


So after “my” comic tool, bitstrips brought out mobile apps, it went viral and amused a lot of people.. others, not so much. I sat back and waited to be able to use it again on the main site. Which is still not working.
I spent some times putting up a facebook page for this blog and its own twitter account, to make it easier for people to follow outside of wordpress.. And I had some comix I had created in advance so was planning to finish them for the blog.
And I had started on a rather exciting project: a family history book for Nemo for Christmas!
Then my computer died. After a few crashes that I should have taken more serious, I had a full blown ‘fatal’ error, could not start even in ‘safe mode’ and had to do a re-install of windows7. Thankfully, I had a solid backup-system in place and wasn’t too worried. It would just take a bit of time…or so I thought : Unfortunately, I had been saving most of my latest projects (incl. the comix) in folders that were not in the right places for the automated backup! =( So while I have not lost any important files relating to my studies, and other administrative stuff, and have all my personal photos safe on external disks and in cloud storage… I lost my bitstrips. I lost a lot of material I had gathered for the history photo book, too. This totally sucks.
So today, just a quick hello, with new text to an old comic and a REMINDER TO YOU :
That’s all. 


11 thoughts on “I am still here.. sort of.

  1. Ish

    Phew, I am glad you didn’t vanish. A friend linked your blog to me and I am so happy to find someone who understands it all. I find myself nodding a long with everything you write. I’ve just started blogging again myself. It was supposed to just be a blog but it turned into an autism blog….but what can ya do? =)


    1. suburp Post author

      thanks for visiting – i will have to visit your blog, and you are right. so much to think and say about autism.. i have been blogging for a long time on different platforms, but i feel this helps me a lot. if it also talks to others – even better! =)


  2. musingsofanaspie

    Oh, so sorry you had to go through that. I’ve been down that road more than once. Back in the day, somewhere Windows 95, my computer somehow reformatted itself and I booted to get a “drive not recognized” message and C prompt. WTF computer? I’m a compulsive backer upper with external drives, a second internal hard drive, CDs, DVDs, Dropbox, Gdocs. My redundancies have redundancies. 🙂

    It’s good to see you back. I love your comix!


  3. Kathryn Arnold

    So sorry! I do very much enjoy your comix. It sounds like you have rather a better system than I do…I’ve learned a bit just reading this.


    1. suburp Post author

      I am still in the draining process of reinstalling programmes, adjusting settings, windows updates etc. I am glad I gave priority to my photos and admin files but am miffed about my lost project folder. I’ll know better from now on.
      Will also do something about all the hoarding. Saved totally unnecessary stuff..:/



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