It must be time for a comic on Autism Speaks

autismshrieks1 is still down, so I am using recycled pictures of me with a little logo of a well known organisation that I have changed to express what I think… 
This week, after a statement by Susanne Wright, one of the founders of AS on the eve of the national policy and action summit in Washington, DC  – Autistic Self-Advocates and Parents that actually listen to them, pretty much lost their sh*t. Again.
TIA-2 copyI have submitted this post to the “This is Autism Flashblog” that is happening on Monday 18th November 2013 (US time). You should totally check it out! LOTS of
great posts of Autistics, young and old, and parents who think alike.

And they are so right. I too have explored their website in the early post-diagnosis days. Their presence is not as strong in Australia, but online, you will certainly come across their infamous puzzle piece and their scaremongering, autism-hating propaganda. Fundraising, awareness raising, switching on the blue lights.. sounds good, but the reality is an organisation that has lost its way. The rejection of dialogue with Autistics apart from a hand-selected few, the ongoing painting of a autism as “an epidemic that is stealing your children”, the association with dodgy quax therapists that promote ‘treatments” that are abusive and obsolete..  It is hurtful, unhelpful and completely counterproductive to their alleged mission : helping parents of autistic children.
The first I read was a statement by JE Robison, author of “Look me in the eye” which is the first book on autism I read. And you know: After being flabbergasted that he was actually associated with AS in the past, I was GLAD to read this association was over. He made an important public statement, and so made many others, in their own way.
Ariane from Emma’s Hopebook has put together a few facts and a couple of great links in her respective post about AS this week. I would also recommend the always critical, scientific blog of Emily Willingham (who is also an autism parent). Please do not hesitate to link to other blogposts, your own maybe, about Autism Speaks.
Because no, they do not speak for us.

5 thoughts on “It must be time for a comic on Autism Speaks

  1. PK

    Thank you for your work – I found you recently and have linked to you from my blog 🙂

    Here are two links from a blog I really love.

    This one recognizes those who have children with such severe challenges that they do feel AS speaks for them – it is, to me, the message that AS SHOULD send, but doesn’t:



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