snake oil in the new millenium


I have vague memories of court cases in Europe, in the 80s. Greedy, unscrupulous quax had taken the last money from desperate parents of children suffering from cancer, providing them with completely absurd – and totally inefficient – treatments or ‘cures’.
I always thought those were despicable crimes: profiting of the fear and desperation of others, potentially pulling them away from actual medical treatment or at least relief and rest, and even inflicting further, unnecessary pain to a victim who often has no say at all.
Desperation makes people do a lot of crazy things.
But it still shocks me every time, when I read about the incredible and monstrous treatments that some people inflict on their own autistic children, 30 years later. It has to stop!


4 thoughts on “snake oil in the new millenium

    1. suburp Post author

      It was just sort of the latest i had read that lined up a few of the shocker “treatments” that some people seem to consider ‘worth a try’. there are others, of course, and nobody knows how much of this happens, but every single child that is subject to this type of commercial experimentation is one too many!!



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