Other people’s children .. “Mindy”


I know that we are all supposed NOT to judge other people’s parenting.. BUT..there are those situations that just can’t leave you indifferent.No obvious harm done, but you know.. you just feel that they could be a little bit more supportive with their child? That LONGTERM, this could go badly.. You never know what goes on in other people’s lives, right, and I would not even go into it with total strangers.. But I think it may well be that the sometimes charmingly quirky, often dreamy but always a bit peculiar girl Nemo quite likes since prep has actually autism. No, not “LIKE Nemo”. Her OWN autism, obviously.
So yes, I have her on my (very amateur and non autistic) “autism radar”.
And haven’t many recent studies mentioned the fact that girls go easily non-detected?
Her two siblings, as the mother doesn’t tire to point out, are very different.. Only her father ‘used to be an airhead like her’..           So what do you do? Talk to the mother about autism?

7 thoughts on “Other people’s children .. “Mindy”

  1. autisticook

    I’d say skip the mom. If she’s receptive she’ll seek out knowledge, but if she’s not she’ll just reject it. Maybe talking to the dad might help… but I think the best thing you can do is let your child and this girl be friends. And be quietly supportive of her, even when her mom isn’t. My mom used to do that for some of my brother’s friends as well. Which is why some of those kids spent so much time at our house. Because they felt accepted there.


    1. suburp Post author

      The dad is only very rarely at pickup..I always have time for Mindy and Nemo often hangs back with some other kid, I never rush him, it’s good for him.. well, there is a continuation to this, but in the end, it will depend on the parents what they do and how much they see that they can better support their child. but i have decided to not hold back ‘because one doesn’t this or that’ anymore when something.. bothers me, so i may have already talked to the mum .. 😉


    1. suburp Post author

      ..uh.. i know ..”like him” – whatever that means..? but in a way at least there is some sort of connection in the family about it. for the type of mum this is, especially.. (she doesn’t seem to be a bad person really.. but a bit overwhelmed by the one (of 3) child that is just not acting and reacting like she seems to be expecting..)



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