On parenting.


This is really just a side note on parenting in general. We are currently in the longest holidays if the year, it’s hot (remember, Australia),and I have limited budget for outings and stuff.
6 intense weeks, not every day is bliss… Why lie about it..?
I mean “autism parent” or not, apart from all the bliss, this parenting gig can be hard work, frustrating and incredibly frustrating… It’s all part of it. 🙂
That’s also why it’s so great!

3 thoughts on “On parenting.

    1. suburp Post author

      🙂 that IS a really good post, will read the whole series. As I said, this comic is really not autism specific, parenting can be a bit of a rollercoaster for ANYone. Thanks to the internet, parents now no longer only have their family or maybe local community to tell them how to do things right but the WHOLE WIDE WORLD has parenting advice and criticism for you – if you let it happen.
      My energy is well renewed, thank you. 🙂 if you accept the failures, frustrations and the fact that actually, we might just be a “not perfect” parent to a “not perfect” little person, life looks already better.



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