i’ll have to get back to this blog..


Ah.. it’s really not only parenting (although we are at the moment dealing with another suspension from school…). I haven’t been overly well lately (in.my.head. mostly) and although I have some comix prepared, didn’t really feel like posting. Or like anything, really, once I was done getting through the day. I have to remind myself how much I enjoy making the comics though, and also the feedback I get from you guys.


14 thoughts on “i’ll have to get back to this blog..

    1. suburp Post author

      Yeah, I do binge watch series, too. Not in a great place right now. Just posted that last night, then heard about the death of an old friend. And the school….
      I don’t know. I think I will force myself to post comics though, I don’t want to lose this, it helps me process things.


  1. Kathryn Arnold

    May I suggest some easy rebounding to circulate lymph fluid, a mild detox (gut first, then missus, then liver) and a walk in the sunshine with your little guy? Not easy to orchestrate when you’re under the weather, I know. Perhaps as a family or with another mom?


      1. Kathryn Arnold

        Just noticed in my comment…not missus, kidneys. Blikkity autocorrect.

        I hear you about baby steps. I’ve learned to remind myself that every millimeter in the right direction is progress…even if it comes via fits and starts. It helps, too, to couch things I do for myself as things I “get to” do rather than “must” do. They’re almost always things that I would miss and want to do if for some reason I was told I absolutely must not do them.



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