World Autism Awareness Day!!

Technically, it is already the 3rd April here in Australia, but here is my contribution to the blue light discussion. I thought the message by the UN goes in the right direction.
Shining blue lights on public monuments or buildings can be a very costly ‘event’ and if not accompanied by actual actions that benefit the autistic population (and not in the form of more funds for the ‘research for a cure’ but actual concrete help and support), it is a vain and empty feel-good operation that really changes nothing.
All on the awareness bus already. Moving on!

4 thoughts on “World Autism Awareness Day!!

  1. politisktinkorrektpappa

    Autism Dad here from “up over”… (Sweden that is 😉 )
    Here we’re reclaiming Autism Awareness from the people who still try find “a cure” for autism and instead making it into what it was meant to be when UN “created” the day in order to spread knowledge about autism and the fact that it’s perfectly normal and not an “illness” or similar!

    I see myself in pretty much all you’ve written and as a single dad with two autistic boys ages 8 and 10 I’ve seen a lot… I have refused to accept stupid comments and narrow-minded people around my boys and through “self-elimination” they only have good teachers and kids around them and they are amongst the more popular kids in school!

    I was open about their autism from day one and this has helped to create a wide understanding amongst both adults and kids and we have very few “bad day” per year so I know “normal” school can adapt to those who are different!

    I showed the strip with “precious water” to my boys and they fully agreed with Nemo on his comment since they still – in a sense – live and communicate with and around Minecraft.
    I used Minecraft as a tool for teaching communication when they were small and had no verbal communication. After two days with Minecraft they could take written tasks and perform them and also answer back to me (as I was sitting in another room playing Minecraft with them).

    My oldest has also used lapis lazuli in school to highlight something that was rare!

    Thank you for all of your “comic strips”! To me they are also dead serious but we try to laugh as much as possible every day and that’s kept us going for many years and we have very few sad days 🙂

    p.s I think the world is already “aware” of autism. It’s just that most people seem to have a large bucket on their heads which stops them from seeing the real world…


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  3. Twitchy

    Agree with what you’re saying and ideally it wouldn’t cost too much for a Light It Up Blue event as well, for those who STILL don’t know what it’is, to be asking the questions.


    1. suburp Post author

      I have to say I started seriously doubting the sense of ongoing ‘blue light’ events last year when ‘autism awareness australia’ raised and used 40 k to light up the Sydney Opera House for one night.
      Yes, that’s just a small sum compared to what is needed to even get one child through an ‘early intervention’ programming for a year… But does yet another ‘awareness campaign’ really achieve more than, say actual education about autism in schools at the same price? I just think, things need to move further!



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