#IamNOTKelliStapleton – Autism in the media – Reporting on crimes against autistic children.


I haven’t been posting for a while but this is something I really need to get out. The media have a great responsibility in the way, parenting of autistic children is perceived in the broad public. These horrible cases we see on the news have a narrative that is ALL WRONG.
#WalkInIssysshoes or imagine any autistic child – or adult – reading the reports that give “reasons” and find excuses for attempted or perpetrated murders. That has to stop.
(DrPhil – shame on you!)

Edit : Newsweek (US) ran an irresponsible headline over a terrible “longread’ written in a vane, editorial style full of misinformation and misinterpretation of autism and autistics just 2 days after I posted this. Here is a link to a post reviewing it by Emily Willingham , sciencentist blogger and mum to an autistic boy.

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