“Presume competence”… but not for autism specialists, professionals, teachers


5 thoughts on ““Presume competence”… but not for autism specialists, professionals, teachers

  1. dennis

    Any more, I tend to think the issue with those depicted in the right frame is that they actually know ***precisely*** what they are doing – which is enslavement.

    Not ignorance.



    1. suburp Post author

      Dennis, I know that many adult or young adult Autistics have been submitted to cruel intervention and “training” methods as children by ‘specialists’ and I welcome and value their input and hope your warnings will be heard so that these forms of damaging therapies disappear in favour of more listening, adapting and encouraging approaches.
      I have to admit, I was not even thinking of old school ABA or other forceful autism therapies, with this comic. I live in Australia, and my son goes to a mainstream school. Things are very different here, I believe. What remains the same is that many professionals will get things wrong, will generalise, patronise, expect too much or too little, sometimes meaning well, sometimes by lack of info, sometimes because they are clearly in the wrong position, or just stubborn…
      My comic was in reaction to that and a call to parents to communicate, advocate, help their kid to express themselves, inform and intervene. Just because a school has a special needs teacher, or a teacher has taught autistic kids before, or a doctor has a PhD in autism studies.. They still know NOTHING about this child. Until, hopefully, with time they do. X


  2. sunflower

    Hi! GREAT blog!! Wanted to ask permission if I can upload some of your comics to my FB page called High functioning autistic children with a link to your blog? Thanks 🙂 Rebecca



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