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Breathe deeply and count to 10…?


To say that Nemo has had a bit of a rocky start into the new school year, is probably putting it mildly. . Today, I had a meeting with his brand new ‘case manager’. I am hoping for a fresh start, he likes her… I also think that I made it quite clear she has to jump in on it and get him out of the spiral of stress situations and disciplinary measures in the school. I am not totally contesting them (there was swearing, running off and kicking things.. and people) But just telling him to count to ten and breath when things are getting too much…just not good enough!

Stop the questions NOW!


There were a lot of ‘incidents’ this last week before the holidays…
My son struggles to keep his calm, but I am extremely unhappy with the way the current (substitute) teacher is handling all sorts of conflicts, during and after they occur.
I believe a certain stoicism is best to find long-term solutions, but yesterday I chose to use what has been called my “surprisingly scary side” to end a discussion that led nowhere.