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We saw a lot of kids and grown-ups dressed in orange today in our school, and I should not be a cynic who thinks wearing a t-shirt in a certain colour changes really not so much (there are some other actions of course..). So I won’t think that..(although a quasi-free dress day without the obligatory donation would help in an otherwise uniformed school, too..) I just think it’s a bit vague and does not go very deep. Who would be FOR bullies anyway?
There has been no ‘autism awareness day’ (acceptance/month, whatever) in the school so far, and I have been explicitly told talking about autism might lead to bullying (..?) which basically only made me start this blog in September last year.
So April is coming around and so far I don’t know what is planned, I don’t know what to think again, is it really just about donning a bit of blue and say “Autism!” for one day? What is your take on ‘awareness days’ vs actual action, information, education?
Are you doing something in April ?

(Fun fact: our school uniform is already blue!)

Something about me.


how he feels about school..


We’re back to school after 2 weeks of holidays, and Nemo had already his first ‘incident’ (that’s how he calls it) with some of the ‘cool kids’ (also his words). In fact it reminds me of what we experienced almost 3 years ago, so shortly after starting prep in ‘big school’ (as opposed to kindy where he only went 2 days a week). We were REALLY looking forward to it. I was so excited! I LOVED school as a kid. I was soo happy to be sharing the adventure of Australian primary school with my son (I went to school in Europe). I was convinced it would be a breeze, he was so bright! I had not really registered that the few clashes he had had in kindy were only an introduction to a multitude of upcoming problems: coping with sensory overflow, socialising, focus, organisation, handwriting…
For most of it, we have found methods and tools. The other kids though, that’s a different problem..

Know your brands


This is not an autism comic, although it was the one time my son got some “Respect!” of a ‘cool’ boy in his class. For his undies.. well. “Bonds” is an Australian underwear brand that is quite popular here. The commercials are clever, colourful and fun, and it’s seen as an Aussie icon. Pricewise it’s midrange, but for my 7yo, I shop for colours and comfort anyway, certainly not for brands. I thought it was pretty funny, my son had been told he’s got the ‘right’ undies on, when actually.. there were just some cheap brand from Kmart.

[nb: they “buddy up” to go to the toilet during class, plus the top part of those undies is easily visible when shorts are a bit worn on the hip. so let’s not freak out.]