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_babyprepWe are having an “adventure day” tomorrow. Well, actually, we are just going into the city. Lately, we have made good progress on the acceptable drink when out, but it’s still true that I think carefully about what I put in my bag, where we are going (and where we can make breaks) when we go for a longer outing. It’s important to have adventures though. See new things, get in new situations. Learn to prepare, to say when it’s too much and also to cope when we cannot immediately change it.  Or when Mum took the wrong kind of drink.
(“red juice” is apple-blackcurrant. still his favourite.)

nb: I made a new FAQ page and changed the header.. – check it out? 😉 



Oh, I know! Routines are good and reassuring. And I admit:  I am myself not always keen on surprises, schedule changes or new procedures…but things can also change for the better, right? And teaching ‘readiness for change’ is one of my big priorities with Nemo. Sometimes, the things that upset him seem so absurd? I mean he will still get his food in the ole’brown paper bag… All the internet orders do, is take the hassle out of the payment. And what’s with the weird luddite attitude from a boy who essentially wants to spend the whole day in front of some sort of screen?! So yeah, sometimes, he sounds like a grumpy old man.. or two.