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Inclusion at school


I am sad today, because I had a bedtime conversation with my son evolving around the question “Why do I have no friends in school?”
As I said in my very first comic, the school’s policy ‘not to single out children with autism’ seems to backfire because the other kids cannot understand where he obviously needs help : making and keeping friends. I feel it’s not fair on my son with his ‘invisible disability’ not to give him concrete support to be more included. For Nemo’s academic performance, the school’s staff and me could help him get up to his own best. For friendships, we will need the help of the other kids.


Invitations–part 2


So although HERE I basically complained that we are not exactly overwhelmed by invitations to birthday parties, sleepovers or play dates, my son actually went to a birthday a few weeks ago. On Nemo’s request, I didn’t stay but I did tell the dad about his autism. I told him Nemo could get very upset for no apparent (!) reason and that it’s good to bring him to a quiet zone if that happens. We lived like 3 minutes away from the house. They could call me anytime. The party was scheduled for 2 hours. What could happen, right ? 
(Massive kudos for this very cool dad! I was SO thankful for his attitude.)