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take a stance



We saw a lot of kids and grown-ups dressed in orange today in our school, and I should not be a cynic who thinks wearing a t-shirt in a certain colour changes really not so much (there are some other actions of course..). So I won’t think that..(although a quasi-free dress day without the obligatory donation would help in an otherwise uniformed school, too..) I just think it’s a bit vague and does not go very deep. Who would be FOR bullies anyway?
There has been no ‘autism awareness day’ (acceptance/month, whatever) in the school so far, and I have been explicitly told talking about autism might lead to bullying (..?) which basically only made me start this blog in September last year.
So April is coming around and so far I don’t know what is planned, I don’t know what to think again, is it really just about donning a bit of blue and say “Autism!” for one day? What is your take on ‘awareness days’ vs actual action, information, education?
Are you doing something in April ?

(Fun fact: our school uniform is already blue!)

Stop the questions NOW!


There were a lot of ‘incidents’ this last week before the holidays…
My son struggles to keep his calm, but I am extremely unhappy with the way the current (substitute) teacher is handling all sorts of conflicts, during and after they occur.
I believe a certain stoicism is best to find long-term solutions, but yesterday I chose to use what has been called my “surprisingly scary side” to end a discussion that led nowhere.

Well-meaning… still getting it wrong.

7 listening

I can’t mind-read. But I have watched this happen, again and again.
They all seem to know that ‘lack of eye contact’ is a marker for autism.
Is it really so hard to imagine that it might not actually mean Nemo is not listening?