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“Presume competence”… but not for autism specialists, professionals, teachers


the trouble with swearing…


Our year continues with more trouble in school. Nemo still has daily support (the new aide is kind and calm) and they have now been willing to trial a few preventive solutions I have put to them (quiet lunches, respite days),  but his current reflex to swear and get angry (at least that’s what it looks like) in situations of stress, is taking a bit of a toll on the ‘support team’. On me too, to be quite honest, but since things are rather chill at home in terms of expectations and environment, I simply do not have the Rumpelstielzchen experience on a daily basis, and there is only so much I can do when he is in school. Needless to say, that we do NOT swear like sailors at home, we do not condone it at all and I understand the school has to draw a line…But I still believe that the use of swearwords in moments of distress does not prove he is making the conscious choice to be ‘naughty’ or whatever?! Will be really thankful for any input…

Inclusion at school


I am sad today, because I had a bedtime conversation with my son evolving around the question “Why do I have no friends in school?”
As I said in my very first comic, the school’s policy ‘not to single out children with autism’ seems to backfire because the other kids cannot understand where he obviously needs help : making and keeping friends. I feel it’s not fair on my son with his ‘invisible disability’ not to give him concrete support to be more included. For Nemo’s academic performance, the school’s staff and me could help him get up to his own best. For friendships, we will need the help of the other kids.